So what’s a mural? Honestly, it’s just painting but bigger. Murals go right onto the walls of the space they’re in rather than being on a canvas. From kids bedrooms to public spaces to shops and business places, they can be anything from cartoon characters to graphic designs and beautiful pictures.


Most frequent questions and answers

Send me an email and we can talk through designs, colours and everything else to make sure you get a piece of art you’ll be happy with.

Some handy information to include is what image/character/design you have in mind, some reference photos of what you have in mind, any colours that you’d particularly like and finally photos and measurements either of the space to be painted or how big you’d like it on the wall.

If you don’t have all that information ready, don’t worry we can talk it through but the more information you can provide the quicker we can get moving!

Murals are a cost effective and non invasive way to transform a space. They are versatile and can be painted onto almost any surface, go across multiple surfaces, around corners and even on to the ceiling. They can liven up a space or help to establish your brand through the designs, colours, textures and images they use.
Some murals can be designed so that customers can interact with them. They could take a pose in front of an image that also displays your business name or branding. Murals can be visually beautiful and make a space ‘instagrammable’ so customers would post photos of your business online creating free advertising for you.

I’d like a mural for my business, what do I do next?
Brilliant, the next step is to email me with your idea and we can start the process of designing a one of a kind mural that suits your requirements. Handy things to include in the email are;
Any colours, images or logos that you would like or need included in the mural
Measurements of the space the mural will go into and photos of the space
Any information on the surface is good to have i.e. is it a brick wall, interior/exterior etc

This mural was designed between myself and two lovely kids. Charlie and Ciarán share a bedroom and we had one big wall to paint. Girly girl Charlie asked for fairies and tractor mad Ciarán wanted a farm scene so we ended up with Fairies on the Farm! This was really fun off the wall idea to paint and it was cool to have the kids involved in the process – they even signed the work at the end with their own handprints.