‘If it stays still long enough, I’ll paint it’

Meghan McDermott is a designer, signwriter and mural artist from Ireland – currently living in the Netherlands. 

With over ten years experience in painting professionally, she has produced work for a broad range of clients – from local small businesses to nationally and internationally recognised brands such as Fleetwood paint, Nespresso and The Gaiety Theatre. 

With a background in design for stage and screen, and having worked on sets as a makeup artist, scenic painter and prop maker, Meghan wants to bring some of the colour and spark of the theatre world to our everyday lives. 

Along the way, Meghan picked up a love of typography and lettering which is now the focus of her work as a signwriter. At the centre of this work is a love for traditional craftsmanship and hand-making which gives each piece soul and character to make it stand out from the crowd. From shop fronts, to bright murals and gilding, Meghan is dedicated to producing amazing bespoke work for each client she works with.